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    Who is Living Your Life?

    Is it your 5-year-old Inner Child who never got enough love growing up and is now looking for the perfect mommy or daddy in your life?

    Or is it the Inner Cynic who is trying to protect you with a sarcastic attitude towards life, so that you won't feel the deep pain inside?

    Maybe it is the Inner Victim, feeling sorry for herself / himself, telling you every day that life is hard.

    Could it possibly be your Inner Rebel, who is trying to find his identity by defying authority?

    How about the Inner Judge, who still believes that you are a child, and is trying to get you the maximum approval by forcing you to "be good," to "fit in?"

    If you would like to find out who really is living your life, influencing your feelings and decisions, join us in an exploration of Subpersonalities.

    The intention of this exploration is to help you discover the Adult Self, enter a dialogue with your Subpersonalities, and create a transformed Inner Family.

    Facilitator: Rabia Erduman, 831-277-9029