Workshops Opening to Ecstasy
  • Visioning Collage
  • Sacred Sexuality & Tantra
  • Yoga and Relaxation for the Seasons
  • Sensual Dance
  • Who Is Living Your Life?
  • Exploring the Chakras
  • Opening To Ecstasy
  • Cultivating Presence
  • Body Image, Food & Weight Awareness
  • Creating Abundance
  • Dark Woman Emerging
  • Dance of the Kundalini
  • Rabia


    EcstasySacred Sexuality For Women

    Would you like to deepen
    your capacity for ecstasy?

    This workshop will use the ancient principles of TANTRA to explore ecstasy as an attitude toward celebrating life... not just as a sexual outcome. It is for WOMEN who want to explore what is possible beyond the cultural limitations.

    We will look at ways we block the natural flow and rhythm of our energy as we delve into the mystery of letting go, trusting ourselves and the universe, and being vulnerable.

    Dancing, meditation, visualization, partner exercises, and tracking energy are some of the tools we will utilize.