Dark Woman Emerging
  • Visioning Collage
  • Sacred Sexuality & Tantra
  • Yoga and Relaxation for the Seasons
  • Sensual Dance
  • Who Is Living Your Life?
  • Exploring the Chakras
  • Opening To Ecstasy
  • Cultivating Presence
  • Body Image, Food & Weight Awareness
  • Creating Abundance
  • Dark Woman Emerging
  • Dance of the Kundalini
  • Rabia


    One of the most rejected aspects of the Divine Feminine, the Dark Woman is a cultural and religious shadow who carries our potency, passion, and power. She exudes an awesome dark beauty. . . she is hot, nonlinear, emotional... and without her, we as women lack substance. If we don't understand her true nature, we fear or judge her. If the Dark Woman is twisted, she can misuse power and sex. She can be raging, blaming, lashing out. She is an essential aspect of us, waiting to be accepted into our lives as women. As the Light Woman and Dark Woman connect inside of us, our feminine energy becomes whole again.

    The intention of this workshop... is to find her, get to know her, accept... validate... acknowledge her presence in our psyche, look for her wounding, realize her true essence, and embrace her.