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    Visioning Collage Workshops

    Visioning the New Year
    A Collage Workshop for the New Year

    Visioning 2010 Collage

    What does your heart want for the new year? What are you ready to leave behind? What is your soul prompting you to express? What longing lies hidden behind old fear? With guided meditation, we will explore our visions for the new year. We will create a collage showing who and what supports you, what can now fall away and what we need to most fully manifest our soul’s purpose in the new year.

    The Four~Chambered Heart

    Four Chambered Heart Collage

    Understanding the intricacies of our hearts adds depth and insight into our relationships with ourselves, with our loved ones and with Source. Using guided meditation, we will explore the inner terrain of each of our hearts’ four chambers, the pathways and connections between them, and create a collage based on our imaginal discoveries.

    Two unique workshops combining the inward focus of guided meditation with the tactile, outward art of collage to facilitate clarifying intention and positive, harmonious manifestation of intent in the physical world. Together, these tools encourage balance between the mental, physical and spiritual realms of existence. $95 fee per workshop includes all materials. $50 non-refundable deposit required to reserve space. Call either Kim or Rabia for registration or further information.


    Kim Birdsong, MA
    Transpersonal Counselor
    DreamTending practitioner
    Collage Artist
    For information please visit
    TEL: 831.624.2150

    Rabia Erduman, CHT
    Transpersonal Hypnotherapist
    Craniosacral Therapist
    Reiki Master
    For information please visit
    TEL: 831.277.9029

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