Workshops Creating Abundance
  • Visioning Collage
  • Sacred Sexuality & Tantra
  • Yoga and Relaxation for the Seasons
  • Sensual Dance
  • Who Is Living Your Life?
  • Exploring the Chakras
  • Opening To Ecstasy
  • Cultivating Presence
  • Body Image, Food & Weight Awareness
  • Creating Abundance
  • Dark Woman Emerging
  • Dance of the Kundalini
  • Rabia
    AbundanceIn this workshop we will explore opening up to our natural abundant essence. Abundance is like a never ending waterfall. This waterfall is already inside of us. Yet, our negative beliefs about ourselves or life may not allow us to get and stay in touch with it.

    If you are having the feeling of "not enough", it means this waterfall is in some way blocked. This blockage could be in the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual plane.

    This workshop will focus on the feeling of "lack" of abundance in any area of your life, like money, friends, health, love, time, space, joy.

    We will use the chakra system to explore this feeling, different exercises to find the blockages, and manifesting visualizations to wake up our abundant essence.