Rabia Erduman CHT, RPP, CMP

Rabia has been in private practice and teaching since 1983. Skilled in several modalities, she is able to customize her approach to each client’s needs. Out of her commitment to her own spiritual awakening, Rabia assists clients in going beyond their conditioned identity. Currently, she practices in Monterey, California. As we explore the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies they come into alignment, allowing us to step back into who we are. When enough of the conditioned responses to life have peeled off, two things remain: ecstasy and stillness. . .

Born in Turkey, raised there and in Germany, Rabia Erduman has a BA in Psychology, is a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Registered Polarity Practitioner, and a Visionary Craniosacral Worker. She teaches Intuitive Touch, Polarity Therapy, Tantra, and Spiritual Awakening workshops.

With Rabia's unique way of working, she encourages, assists, supports, and sometimes pushes, so you can pull away each layer of what separates you from experiencing your authentic self.

Jennifer Hall

Rabia’s many-faceted healing expertise is both a logical and heartfelt response to today’s health needs, the wisdom of the body, the direction of the mind, the energies of the heart. . . all come into delightful play at last, and one can then choose to move toward realized potential, toward the bliss to which we all are born.

Claudia Rico

Rabia has a natural way of being that transfers to her clients and friends. . . a feeling of being connected to yourself and those around you. It is truly a magical feeling.

"Having had the opportunity to experience Rabia's work, I would like to address her ability to access deep processes in her clients. Her vast number of techniques as well as her intuition enable her to work with her clients towards a deeper feeling level. We have shared many clients who all speak to me of their confidence and respect for the work they have received from her. That has also been my personal experience."

~Jeanne Brown-Hopkins, Big Sur

"Rabia's gentle heart and intuition has enabled me to feel, heal and understand a deep part of myself that has been hidden by fear for years. Her ability to draw from learned and self healing experiences opens up a path for others to follow."

~Gaye Russell, Pacific Grove

"Of all the transformational process work I have done, my sessions with Rabia have been some of the most profound and significant. I am continually impressed with her range, versatility and ability to be truly helpful."

 ~ Karen Breedlove, Arizona

"Rabia's unwavering commitment to her own personal growth is an inspiration! She weaves her magnificent gifts of sensitive intuition with her sword of awareness."

~Rainya M. Dann, Santa Cruz


I say, My eyes. You say. Look for Him.
I say, My gut. You say. Tear it open.

I say, My heart. You ask, What's inside?
I say, My longing. You say, That's all you need.