Rabia Hypnosis is a natural state in which the subconscious mind is receptive and available to suggestions. Every addiction, habit and problem has its roots in the subconscious. Through Hypnotherapy we can access these roots, thus allowing transformation to happen.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy
The Alchemical Process helps us to recognize and accept the different and often opposing aspects of our personalities. Conflicts between these sub-personalities or archetypes-such as the "inner child" and the "inner judge"-account for many problems with people and situations. Alchemy resolves these conflicts by connecting us to guidance from our Higher Self, allowing us to achieve our highest level of wellness and creativity. This process includes Subpersonality work, Emotional Clearing, Inner Child/Inner Guide work, Past Life Regression and finding our Inner Mate.

Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression provides direct communication with the “Collective Unconscious” and helps us achieve greater understanding, guidance and enhanced creativity. This technique has been found effective in removing obstacles in our lives such as phobias, chronic pain and headaches, physical disorders, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, weight related issues, and problems in relationships.

The Clarity Process
Subtle patterns, sometimes called conditioning, that dictate much of our lives can be seen as a sort of hypnosis. The Clarity Process provides practical tools for contacting the subconscious, thus dehypnotizing us from a life of negative habit, tension and fear, allowing us to live spontaneously in the present moment.