Veils of Separation by Rabia Erduman

Veils of Separation

Finding the Face of Oneness

by Rabia Erduman

"Rabia has translated her inner journeys of transformation into a magical fable of little Babla's adventures in the Forest of Ufe. In these lands populated by fairy tale characters, she blends elements of her own psyche with universal wisdom to remind us of the many possibilities of inner healing. You may recognize some of your own inner aspects as Babla encounters such polarities of personality as magical child/wounded child, rich man/poor man, nun/slut, victim/rescuer, romantic believer/cynic, as well as higher, universal aspects of Love, Compassion, and Intelligence."

- SVARNA WILKENS, PH. D., Psychologist

"Don't let the enchanting fairy tale format fool you! This is a book of supreme insight into the nature of our mind and the path of self-discovery and personal power."
- DON PANEC, Publisher, Treasure Bay Books

"Veils of Separation is an adventure story of the heart. As you wander with Babla on her search for clarity and understanding, you will shed light on your own journey as well. If you are drawn to discover your personal truth, this book will be an enchanting companion along the way."
- LYNN Z. FOSTER, Counselor, Educator

RABIA ERDUMAN is a teacher who assists individuals and groups in the process of self-discovery. She teaches tantric and spiritually-oriented workshops. To those wishing to understand her work, she says, "My life and work are about being in the moment, free of fear and the feeling of separation. Deep joy is a natural outgrowth of this process."